Cromwell MKIV/King Tiger Tank
Military Vehicles
Classic Conflict Gift Set - Cromwell and king tiger
Box art by Unknown
Key Information
Kit name Classic Conflict Gift Set - Cromwell/King Tiger
Ref. number 50142
Price £18.99
Scale 1:76
Dimensions (mm) L88 - 135 x W39 - 49
First released 2012
Skill level
Difficulty rating2
Kit contents
Parts 89 - 91
Transfer sheets 1
Other king tiger tank

cromwell MkIV tank glue paint brushes

New to the battlefields of 1944 both these types brought major advantages to both sides. The agility of the Cromwell vs the sheer power of the King Tiger. Eventually numbers, reliability, raw materials, skill and courage won the day for the Allies. The kit also contains paint, glue and brushe

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