Red Arrow Gnat
A50080-Red-Arrow-Gnat 1
Box art by Unknown
Red Arrow Gnat steve
Built and painted by Steve Allain
Key Information
Kit name Red Arrow Gnat Starter Set
Ref. number A50080
Price £7.99
Scale 1:72
Dimensions (mm) L160 x W102
Skill level
Difficulty rating1
Kit contents
Parts 34
Other 4 x Acrylic Paints, Glue, Brush

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT), the formal name of the Red Arrows, began life at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire in 1965. Initially there were seven display pilots and ten Gnat jet trainers. The name 'Red Arrows' was chosen to combine the appeal and expertise of two earlier teams, the Black Arrows and the Red Pelicans.

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